Rodney Pemberton
Author, Screenwriter and Underground Artiste.

Born on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Rodney Pemberton is an underground artist, a trained screenwriter and Author of the #1 best selling book "Domestic Detention." The book tells the true story of his journey to the United States in search of his missing mother, whom many in his family had presumed dead. Rodney thought differently and was convinced that she was still alive, but was living in captivity. This was due to her husband constantly changing the telephone numbers whenever concerned family members reached out to her. Any letters that were sent to her out of concern, caused her husband to continuously move her from State to state until one day she suddenly went missing. With his mission kept a secret, Rodney journeyed to New York City where it all began, and a search took him to a state thousands of miles away where he found her paralyzed from below her waist. She was secluded in a house with her malignant narcissistic husband, and their four-year-old daughter who was her only aid, but she wasn't allowed to dial 9-1-1. The book can immediately be ordered at the following:


In closing, Give God thanks for everything. Always think big, and follow your dreams, even though many may consider you to be crazy. Remember that your vision was only given to you by God. Do not be distracted by your age. It is only a number added onto you so, do not limit yourself. Just focus on reaching beyond the stars, and touch the galaxies instead. Use your disappointments and rejections as motivational tools to structure your goals, and prove the skeptics wrong.  

Avoid anyone who is arrogant, overly controlling, loud or aggressive in anyway. In the issue of a disputes, respect others opinion, even though you may disagree with theirs. Refrain from altercations and confrontations at all times. Instead, master the art of containing your composure. It is better to have impeccable morals with exceptional character.

Treat women with respect, protect them, and never abuse them. 

Show kindness and gratitude toward everyone, and give without expecting anything in return. A simple act of kindness can make a huge difference in someone's life.

Eat healthy. Try your best to eliminate the consumption of meat, if possible. Limit your intake of sugar and processed food, and grow your own food if possible.  

Exercise as often as you can, and take walks in the park or around your neighborhood.

Be creative in any way you can. Write poems, sing, sew, knit, draw, paint, dance or learn to play an instrument. 

Be goofy, and have clean fun. Laugh as much as you can and create great, unforgettable moments with friends and the ones you love, especially children since they grow up pretty quickly. Remember that life is wonderful, but each day that we live, it's the closer we are to our death so, enjoy every bit of it, but don't go broke trying to impress anyone.

The gift of sight is a beautiful thing so, drive along the coastlines and admire the breathing views of the Ocean to help expand your imagination. Isolate yourself at times on a secluded beach to experience a positive vibration, and to detox your mind. If you can afford to travel the world, do so with friends or your significant other if possible If you can't, then travel solo, and turn your phone off for a while to utilize the moment as you ponder your destiny. Just be cautious while doing so, and remember to check for important calls and text messages.


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